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What is SkJson?

Skjson is a library created for Skript.
which allows you to handle json a simple way, and then use them in your scripts.

From when does SkJson exist?

SkJson exist since 2022 december 12.

The first version of SkJson was 1.0.0.
The first idea was to create a library that compile .json file only..

Who created SkJson?

SkJson was created by SkJsonTeam, coffeeRequired

What minecraft version is supported?

Currently is supported versions from 1.8 to 1.20.1, depends on the version of Skript and SkJson Example.

  • Skript 2.6.4, support SkJson only 2.8.6
  • Skript 2.7 - beta, support all version of SkJson

How do i use snippets?

    That depends on situation if you wanna create new snippet here on the page
    you need to have account, and then you can create new snippet.

  • Go to snippets
  • Click on "Create new snippet"
  • Fill the form
  • Click on "Create"

How do i use documentation?

    Documentation is created for SkJson, and you can find there all information about SkJson.

  • Go to beta, latest
  • Click on category you want to see
  • Search what you searching for
  • Read the page

Where can i got help?

You can got help on our discord server.

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